Changing the oil of your car is a necessary task even though most people tend to avoid it. What makes the matter worse is the ever increasing cost of oil changes mostly on newer cars that use low friction oils that are more expensive. There are some people who prefer changing the oil themselves to save some money. But, is the amount of money you save from a do it yourself (DIY) oil change really worth it? Before running to the store to buy the things you need to do your first oil change, here are some things you should think about:

Do you have the right tools and experience?

If you are a person who love vehicles and like learning about them during your free time, the task of changing oil should be easy for you. But if it is the first time you intend to take a wrench and save money, it’s better if you leave the task to a professional. A service shop has the relevant equipment including car lifts which will make the oil change faster and efficient.

If the problem is time, there are service shops that specialize in quick oil change for any customer in a rush. If you go ahead and do the job without the right experience and tools, you can end up taking several hours to accomplish the task that would otherwise require a few minutes. In addition, there is the possibility that you might end up damaging your vehicle due to inexperience and using the wrong tools. And the worse part is that you can end up hurting yourself in the process.

Doing your own oil change

Costs of changing the oil yourself

These are costs that individuals tend to overlook during the first oil change. Apart from the oil filters and the oil, the following are some of the tools that you will have to purchase before you proceed with the oil change:

• The oil drip pan
• Jack stand and the floor jack
• An oil filter wrench
• Wrench – for drain plug
• Waste oil container and
• A funnel

Another expense that gets overlooked is the waste disposal fee that you will have to pay to properly dispose the used oil.

Perks of relying on a service shop to do the oil changing

Even though you can save lots of money by changing your car’s oil by yourself, there are some benefits associated with going the service shop way. Some of these benefits include:

• Service inspection – A service shop will inspect your vehicle to identify any other issues.

• Car wash - There are some dealers who will clean your car once you have taken it to them for servicing.

• Tire rotation - If you purchased your tires from the same shop that does the oil change, they will rotate your car’s tires for free.

• Fluid refill - Many dealers and service shops will refill your vehicles fluids including the coolant, the washer fluid, and power steering fluid and transmission oil.

Pros and cons of changing the oil by yourself


• Cheaper
• Fulfilling work


• It will take some time
• You will have to buy some items
• Risk of injuring yourself or damaging your vehicle

Pros and cons of relying on a service shop


• It is faster
• Other services as an addition
• Avoid the hassle related to oil change


• More expensive
• You will have to drive to a service shop

Tips for reducing the oil change costs

If you still think that you will save more money by changing your vehicle’s oil, don’t forget that there are many service shops that offer discounted oil changes and change coupons to their customers. You should search online or in the local newspaper for promotions or special offers that auto shops offer in your area. You can also get oil change coupons online. Keeping a regular maintenance, along with maintaining your car’s appearance with the help of Magic Suds Car Wash, is extremely important to keep your car running safely and efficiently.

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How to Clean Car Tires and Tips for Proper Maintenance | Magic Suds Car Wash

Whether you have steel rims or aluminum alloy rims, it is inevitable that they get dirty along with the surface of your car’s wheels. Proper cleaning and maintenance is the only way to keep it in good condition. Dust and various elements tend to build up and can be corrosive or possibly bring about damage to your brake pads. Cleaning your tires does not only enhance your vehicle’s overall appearance, but also ensures that it delivers its best performance in terms of traction and braking. Maintenance can help you save money in the long run. Here are a few simple steps on how to clean car tires and tips for observing proper maintenance:

How to Clean Car Tires

1. Setup 2 buckets filled with water, one for washing (mixed with car wash shampoo) and the other just water for rinsing. Soak the brushes for later use.

2. Coat your tires in cleaning solution. Spray them or apply it with a soft cloth if using a cream. Leave it for at least 5 minutes for deep cleaning.

3. Carefully scrub your tires while avoiding the rim or hitting the fender, then rinse the brushes and repeat as necessary.

4. Use another soft brush for the wheel well, getting behind crevices, the spokes and reaching tight areas. Eventually work your way towards the face of the wheel.

5. Use smaller delicate brushes for more detailed parts like the lug nuts and center cap.

6. Rinse the wheel with a hose or a pressure washer if you have one.

7. Dry the wheel by wiping with a microfiber towel or a leaf blower. Make sure that it is completely dry, otherwise the wax and detailing solutions will dissolve and fail to work properly. Your vehicle can also acquire water spots and become prone to rusting if not fully dried.

8. Using a wax applicator pad or microfiber applicator, apply dressing over your tires the same way you typically apply wax on your car. Spread evenly especially on grooves and labels and in between the tires and rims, except for the parts that come in contact with the road.

Clean car tires

Tips for Fast and Easy Cleaning and Proper Maintenance

-Always wash the wheels separately from the rest of your car by preparing its own cleaning materials to avoid grime and grease from smudging. Scrub the wheels and tires one at a time, washing and rinsing prior to moving on to the next to prevent the cleaner from drying in the process.

-Make certain that you buy the right product and not just any commercial cleaner or degreaser which may not be safe for your wheels. Select one that’s appropriate for the type of tires you have. Make sure it is specially formulated for auto detailing.

-Make use of high quality wheel brushes to implement superior care. These are usually soft yet firm and typically contour to the sidewalls.

If you would rather have a professional keep your tires in the best condition, Magic Suds Car Wash cares for your vehicle and treats it like their own. Not only will your tires be cleaned and maintained, but your car is bound to shine as well.

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Keeping Your Car Running Longer And Looking New| Winter Park Car Wash

Over time, your car is subject to deterioration depending on the care given. Proper car maintenance ensures that it lasts longer and looks great compared to other average cars. So, how can you keep your car running longer? The following tips will help you:

Regular oil changes
To keep your car running strong for long, a change of oil for every 3,000 miles is recommended. While most people skip this process for fear of other problems creeping up, it is better to just change the oil first and then seek the services of the mechanic to check on how to solve the other issues. Regular oil changes are essential for smooth running of the car.

Checking tire inflation levels
Regularly check the inflation of your car tires and the process of wear and tear can tell you a lot about the condition of your car. The wearing process should be even if the car is in a good condition. If you notice that the wearing process is uneven, seek the services of the mechanic as it is a sign of front end issues. Furthermore, you can extend the life of your tires by rotating them after every 6,000 miles. This ensures that the tires remain undamaged and inflated even as they wear out.

Regular car washes
A well-maintained car should be clean inside and outside. The outside of the car should be kept clean and shiny outside to enhance its appearance. Cleaning the interior is also imperative as it prevents dirt and dust from settling on the crevices, dashboard, seats, and other parts of the car which may diminish its beauty. While the exterior can be cleaned using water and detergents, the interior can be cleaned using commercial detergents depending on the material and then vacuumed.

Cleaning the engine
Running your car on dirty oil destroys the engine. To prevent it, you need to clean the engine compartment of all the dirt, oil, leaves, and insects. Dirt sticks more on an oily engine compartment since it is already greasy. As such, it gets even harder to identify any leakage of oil or other fluids. Cleaning your engine allows you not only to maintain your car properly, but also to make the repair process easier.

Using the right gas
Selecting the right gas for your car model is easy, as your owner’s manual has clear specifications about the recommended gas. Most cars use regular grade gasoline. However, there are those that require midgrade or premium gasoline. Ensure that you use the recommended and named gasoline brands to enhance the performance and longevity of your vehicle.

Car running longer

You not only want your car to last longer, but also look great many miles down the road. Keeping a car looking new for longer requires a lot of care. Your car should be driven with care by avoiding behaviors that accelerate the wearing process such as making hard stops or jackrabbit starts. Easing up on the brakes and the pedals also ensures that your transmission and engine are always in good condition. More tips on ensuring that your car looks new for longer include:

Replacing wipers regularly
Although considered to be something very simple, replacing the car wipers regularly can have a great impact on its appearance. Moreover, it improves the visibility through the windshield, hence enhancing your safety while driving the car.

Getting car waxed and detailed
After careful washing of the car, waxing ensures that the car is protected from minor scratches and other external elements that hasten the wearing process. Detailing the car is very effective in preserving it’s condition, as well as improving the external appearance. Cleaning, polishing, waxing and detailing your car especially in the tough winter and summer months ensures that your car looks newer than the most cars.

Parking in shade
Preserve the quality of your car by keeping it out of direct sunlight when not in use. Extended exposure of the car’s exterior and finish depletes the sheen of the paint, fades the interior material and cracks the dashboard. If possible, use a garage to pack your car or buy a car cover.

Getting headlight restoration done
Having yellow and dull headlights in your car has the ability to take away all the aesthetic value. Restoring them will bring back the newness of the car without having to undertake an overall headlight replacement.

At Magic Suds Car Wash Winter Park, your car gets top notch service in terms of cleaning, polishing, waxing and detailing. Furthermore, we have the experience to help your car last longer and look great for years to come.

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Tips and Tricks When Buying a New Car | Winter Park Car Wash

Buying a new car can be hard. Without the right approach, it can be an intimidating process and you might end up paying more than you should. However, with a little guidance, you can find the right car for you at the right price. Here are the top tips and tricks for buying a new car.

Research before you buy

How do you know which car is best for you? With the wealth of automobile information on the internet, there’s no excuse not to know exactly what you want to buy and how much you want to pay. You can narrow your purchase down to details such as color and added options and you can see what everyone else is paying for it. You can also research the pros and cons of buying new or used or what type of financing you’d like. Information is power and the more info you have, the more confident you’ll be when the time comes to buy.

As stated earlier, the internet is your friend when it comes to research. Look up expert and consumer reviews on the cars you like. You can also research car dealerships to find the best deals and the best customer service. Your friends and family are also a great resource, or just get out there personally visit different dealership and talk to them face to face.

Buy year end models

Timing is everything and buying a car at the right time can pay off. It can actually save hundreds or thousands of dollars. Knowing the right time to buy a car means understanding how the car industry operates and best time is at the end of the car model year. This is because dealers are always trying to meet their sales target for the year. As a result, they are likely to offer great discounts. This is great strategy if you want to save on money. However, it’s not a guarantee that you’ll always get the best discounts on all new car models.

Buying a new car

Get the most out of the test drive

Buying a car without taking it on a test drive is like getting married before going the first date. You just have to get up close and personal with the car before you can purchase it; and the only you can achieve that is by taking it on a test drive. Before and during the test drive, do the following:

· Check for accessibility of the battery and the oil dipstick.

· Ensure that passengers can enter and exit the car comfortably without banging their heads.

· How comfortable are the seats? 

· Check if the cargo space will suit your needs.

· Check for visibility from the driver’s seat.

· Check the responsiveness of the steering wheel. What about the brakes?

These are just a few of the issues you need to understand before you can make a decision to buy a new car.

The negotiating power

If there is one thing that buyers have over the sellers, it is their negotiating power. While you may not hold all the cards, you hold most of them because at the end of the day, dealers are looking to increase their sales. Here are a few negotiating tips you can use to your advantage.

· Bring a friend along with you.

· If the salesman doesn’t appear to accept your offer, walk away. You may be surprised when he calls you back before your halfway to the parking lot.

· Wrap up the negotiation quickly. Don’t take more than half an hour negotiating on a car.

· Don’t negotiate based on the monthly payment.

Finance options

If you have a good credit rating, check with the manufacturer on the different finance incentives offered. However, it is important to be wary of interest free financing options offered by car dealers as these may translate to higher monthly payments. Don’t be in a rush to buy a car. Give yourself time to weigh different options offered by different retailers. In addition, you need to assess the warranties provided for different cars as well as the insurance rates.

Buying a car can be a daunting experience. But with the above tips and tricks, it’s fairly easy to turn this into one of the exciting experiences. For more information on tips and tricks of buying a new car, experts at Winter Park car wash will be happy to help.

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Forgotten Areas during an Interior Auto Detail | Magic Suds Car Wash

A comprehensive interior clean is just as important as exterior detailing. But, all to often we see areas that get forgotten about.

Cleaning Chrome Trim
You should never touch the chrome trim with your hands. Our skin usually different types of oils, and can cause smudges. They can also deteriorate the surface. It is also important to wipe off fingerprints and smudges with a soft cloth.

Maintaining Upholstery
You can use baby powder to remove oil-based stains and grease streaks to clean and maintain upholstery. You just have to sprinkle it on the spot and let it rest for about 30 minutes. Use a soft nylon brush to dust it off after 30 minutes. You should use a vacuum to remove any residue.
Interior auto detail

Cleaning Interior Carpet
Spraying compressed air over the carpet is one of the best ways to flush out dirt. You will be able to clean the edges as well as corners. A sweeping motion on the floorboards, above the carpet and in the trunk will give excellent results. A vacuum cleaner will help you to remove any loose dirt.

Removing Dirt from Dashboard
You can use cotton swabs to clean debris and dirt in between and inside the dashboard vents. Cotton swabs also work great inside slots and around gauge seems for air and heating control levers.

Cleaning the Wheels
As strange as it may sound, using a toothbrush is always better to remove dirt from crevices. In fact, nylon bristles are better for spokes and intricate patterns. For cleaning properly, you will also need to use an effective solution for the surface.

Removing Stickers to Clean Window Glass
Before washing the windows of your car, it is important to remove faded or old stickers. You can peel them off using your fingers. It is better to start with a raised corner and drag it further with your nails. Once you have removed most of the sticker, dampen a cotton rag with some alcohol. Rub it over the remaining parts of the sticker. This will soften them and you will be able to remove them easily.

You can also use a razor blade to remove any stickers that won’t easily come off.

Detailing Rags
You should always use different rags to clean different parts of your car. For instance, a rag used to clean your car’s wheel should not be used while cleaning windows. Also, different cleaning solutions should not be mixed on the same rag. For instance, a dashboard cleaner should not be mixed with a window cleaning solution.

Detailing Under the Trunk and Hood
It is very important to clean undersides of the trunk lid and hood. Before you start cleaning, it is better to lay a sheet over the engine. This will protect the engine parts from dirt and debris from the hood and trunk.
In our busy lives, we don’t usually get time to focus on every detail and waste hours washing our car or detailing it. Therefore, hiring a professional car cleaning and detailing service, like Magic Suds Car Wash, is always better.

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Keeping an old car looking new

You’ve probably come across it; that dilapidated car on the road that refuses to die despite its clear signs of wear and tear! Evidently, such an old car may in fact just be a few miles from its end of life. Nevertheless, an old car should not lose its sheen by sheer virtue of its age. Here are 6 care tips to keep your old car looking new and functional.

Taking your old car for wash and detailing
Washing a car’s exterior is a no brainer. In fact, most people can get this done with a garden hose and some detergent. However, an old car requires thorough cleanup in order to maintain a new look. Due to years of use, lots of muck and grime can get stuck on multiple parts of the car, which needs regular cleanups.

It is recommended to bring your car to a car wash, such as your local Winter Park car wash, in order for the experts to detail your car. This involves getting rid of dirt under your car’s chassis; in wheel wells to eliminate risks of corrosion (a protective film is also applied to eliminate risks of cracking.) The interiors also need some sprucing up by vacuuming to eliminate bad odor and stains. Detailing also involves getting rid of grime that may have accumulated over time in the engine housing. Eliminating dirt is an important step in maintaining your cars overall visual appeal.

Old car looking new

Replacing broken parts
Old cars need special care, not just while driving, but also in maintaining them to ensure they can keep up with their newer counterparts. In order to maintain or enhance your old car’s performance, always repair or replace broken parts with new ones. Most importantly, ensure that you purchase your replacements from reputable dealers who can assure you of high quality parts.

For instance, old cars wear out their suspension and shocks due to usage. Routinely servicing such parts would curb the risks of being stuck in the middle of nowhere with a broken suspension. Consider replacing other parts such as broken door handles, fenders, and bumpers in order to enhance your car’s appearance.

Regularly waxing the car
Waxing gives your car’s paintjob a glossy, appealing look. Thus, it enhances your car’s aesthetic value. Furthermore, it serves as a protective coat for the paint. This implies you do not need to fret about having to repaint your car from time to time. Cars are constantly exposed to the environment, which leads to scratches on their body, damage by the sun’s UV rays, and rain. If unattended, these elements can damage the car’s exterior appearance. Thankfully, a waxed body surface protects your car from the effects of elements, thereby preserving the paint. In order to maintain that sharp, bright look on your old car, Winter Park car wash professionals recommend a wax job, which can be done at intervals, say two to three times a year.

Caring for the interior
Revitalize your old car’s interior by tinting your windows in order to ward off UV rays from the sun, which can have a damaging effect on the car. UV rays can crack plastic and discolor the interior. Moreover, get the seats fixed in order to give your interior a facelift. You may also want to invest in a defogging service to eliminate pungent odors like mildew. You should also replace torn seats or floor mats. Alternatively, seat covers are very handy as they can easily be replaced over time. Overall, enhancing your car’s interior can quickly raise its resale value in the event that you consider upgrading to a newer car.

Headlight restoration
Due to continual use over time, or contact with substances like dirt or debris, headlights tend to lose their luster. This degradation leads to a discolored and foggy appearance that causes the car’s headlights to lose their sparkle. As a result, they cannot illuminate as well as they used to before. Winter Park car wash experts recommend headlight restoration for not only aesthetics, but also for safety reasons.

The procedure may take varying forms, but generally, it involves sanding to remove dirt from the headlight lens, then applying a replacement coat that restores your headlights appearance. That way, your old car’s headlights can retain a magnetic appeal through a newer look.

Put these tips into practice in order to restore your car’s appearance. Ultimately, your old car does not have to look bland if you exercise continual care in priming it. This will ensure that your old car continues looking new, despite its advanced age.

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Gas Saving Tips and Tricks – Winter Park Car Wash

Apart from driving less, keeping your car properly tuned, or even buying a more fuel-efficient vehicle, making amendments on some simple driving habits and being more caring with your vehicle could prove to be an easier and cheaper approach to reducing fuel consumption. Below are a few tested and tried gas saving tips and tricks that will help you cope with the ever rising prices of fuel and still make you a better and safer driver.

Coast to a Stop
Brakes are definitely necessary, but equally wasteful. They take the gasoline-generated kinetic energy of a moving car and transform it to heat energy, which is lost to the air. Accelerating until the last moment before making abrupt braking is more inefficient than slowly coasting to a red light. Generally, the less you brake, the more you save on fuel, but since braking cannot be avoided, anticipating that a light will turn red and decelerate whenever possible will boost fuel efficiency by a substantial percentage.

Keep your Car Clean
Believe it or not, keeping your car washed and waxed saves your MPGs. Most cars are designed to be aerodynamic, which includes the clear coating over the car’s paint. Clean cars provide less air resistance, and less air resistance means saving gas! Be sure to stop in to your favorite Winter Park car wash.

Avoid Slowly Crawling Up to Speed
Nursing your speed up to the limit too slowly highly lowers mpg because vehicles get lower fuel economy in lower gears, and upshifting at an efficient rate is prevented by slow acceleration. For instance, taking 10 seconds to accelerate to 40mph is more fuel-efficient than taking 20 seconds to hit the same speed because the vehicle enters its top, fuel-efficient gear faster. However the effect might not be equal in every case as optimum acceleration rates vary with vehicles, weights and gear ratios.

Gas saving tips

Close Windows and Use A/C at High Speeds
During the summer, you can choose between switching on the a/c and closing the windows to preserve the vehicles aerodynamic profile, or keeping the windows open to avoid having the energy-intensive air conditioner running. According to some test, switching on the a/c while driving at 55mph resulted in 24mpg. When the a/c was turned off, the car bumped up to 28mpg. When all the four windows were opened one at a time, 1 mpg was lost per window resulting in 24 mpg. As speed increased, however, the aerodynamic drag increased as well, continuing to hurt efficiency. This means that, for maximum efficiency, leave the a/c off and open the windows below 55 mph and keep the air conditioning running and the windows closed at 60 mph or more.

Leave Car in Gear When Coasting Downhill
Most people tend to go for downhill coasting at neutral gear to save energy without the idea that leaving the car in gear is actually more efficient. In most fuel-injected engines of today, there is computer controlled deceleration cutoff such that when you lift your foot from the gas while the car is in gear, the injectors turn off automatically and the rotating tires keep the engine turning without consuming any fuel at all. In contrast, an idling engine consumes fuel at the rate of 0.2 to 0.4 gallons per hour (gph) which makes neutral gear wasteful.

Avoid Ethanol, If Possible
Gasoline cut with 10 or 15% ethanol, known as E10 or E15, is an mpg killer because ethanol stores less energy than gasoline (80,000 and 119,000 btu per gallon respectively). Less gasoline than ethanol is therefore needed to cover the same distance.

Warm Up the Engine
There is better fuel economy when a car’s engine is warm. So, if you have a four-stop run, reach the furthest destination first, then hit the other three on your way back home. A well warmed-up engine will remain at an efficient temperature even when the car is parked for half an hour.

Plan Errands Carefully
Minimize the miles you have to cover by running all your errands in one trip. Avoid making separate outings when you can.

Tires Properly Inflated
Ensure your tires are fully inflated because rolling resistance increases with low pressure. Checking on the pressure at least once a week is recommendable.

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Benefits of Fleet Car Wash

Benefits of Fleet Car Wash
If your line of business involves operating a fleet of vehicles in order to achieve your business objectives then it is important to understand the various benefits of fleet car wash. The cleanliness of vehicles is one of the most important aspects of such a business to consider in order to maintain a professional appearance. This affects the image of a company in a great way and could make or break a business. It is always advisable to maintain a fleet in order to have a good reputation with clients. Maintaining the cleanliness of a fleet of vehicles does not have to be complicated, as a company can utilize fleet wash services, such as these. Below are some of the important benefits of keeping your fleet clean.

High Demand and profits
Commercial vehicles that are well kept, clean and maintained are always in demand as customers are more drawn to them. More eyes on your vehicles translates to more profits. Clean vehicles also speak volumes about their general maintenance and hence boost the confidence of customers who end up giving work to such companies. Any graphics or body wraps also are clearer and easier to read.

Clean vehicles are usually free from debris, bird droppings and bugs, which are the most common suspects of causing the deterioration of body graphics and paint at a fast rate. All the above matter are acidic in nature and when in contact with the vehicle’s body paint, causes a chemical reaction on the vehicle’s body. This is what causes the discoloration of a vehicles body paint and graphics. All the above named substances are catalysts of the decaying and discoloration processes and hence ought to be removed completely from the body of the vehicle by regular washing.

Money and Time saving
The great discounts offered to organizations not only saves money, but also the time needed to maintain a multitude of vehicles. Well cleaned vehicles require less maintenance on their body panels and offer better overall gas mileage. With so many vehicles in a fleet, gas mileage savings add up. Substance costs can be easily eliminated with a little upfront care and attention. A quality detail center will also ensure that the cleaning is done within the shortest period of time possible, as to maximize operating time.

Record Keeping
Whenever you sign for a fleet car wash, keeping records of your fleet becomes easy and manageable. The reason for this is that under this service, proper records are kept by the car wash business and thus tracking the number of times the vehicle has come in is easier. The business owner is able to carefully keep his records about his fleet which are essential when filling the relevant books of accounts.

All the above are some of the benefits one stands to enjoy when they sign up for a fleet car wash service for their company. This service usually uplifts the professional appearance of the company enabling it to get a better reputation and social standing which in turn translates to more profits.

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The Professional Car Detailing Process

Car detailing significantly changes the external and internal appearance of a vehicle. There are several procedures that a professional performs when doing this. Most important is to ensure that all the dirt has been removed and that any part that seems too worn out has been made to look just as if it was new again. When the professionals talk about this process, they always refer to both the old and modern procedures that can all add some value to the vehicle. Here are the two main types of detailing.

Car Detailing

Exterior detailing

The main purpose of this procedure is to clean and restore the exterior of the vehicle. In most cases, the final product often exceeds the original conditions of the vehicle. Additionally, the professional will work on the chrome trim, the wheels as well as window restoration. It is something that requires thorough inspection of the exterior of the car so as to determine what needs to be attended to. In doing this, there are products and techniques that are employed. Most notably, detergents and acid free grease removers are required. Professionals also have tools to apply paint and any other fix that might be needed.

The biggest advantage of exterior car detailing is the fact that it changes the general appearance of the vehicle. After applying wax, not only does a vehicle look new, but it is also protected that much more against the elements. You spent good amount of money to purchase the vehicle, so, a small upfront investment will help protect it for months at a time. If you have wondered why some cars last longer while others of similar quality depreciate very fast, it is because there are people who regularly detail them while others ignore their vehicles.

Interior detailing

It is important to take good care of the interior part of the car if you want it to last longer. Think about the types of seats and other parts used in your car. You need to know that this is a more complicated car detailing process because there are more materials in the interior than the exterior. There are also parts that are sensitive to water or detergents and so, professionals are careful what gets applied where. The most common cleaning method for the interior of the car is vacuuming. Also, upholstery cleaning a protectants are used. In this case, liquid and foam chemicals may be used to remove stains. If there are non-porous surfaces, the professional might find it appropriate to polish them after cleaning.

Interior car detailing helps to remove the dirt and other harmful corrosive substances while keeping the inside of a vehicle looking new. For instance, the fact that the carpets and mats look spotlessly clean does not mean that the surfaces under them are clean too. You only need to take the vehicle to your local Winter Park car detailing center and let them care for the mats and carpets as well as seat covers in order to know how dirty it is. By polishing non-porous surfaces, they will not only last longer, but will be less affected by corrosive substances.

In order to be sure of the best car detailing services, you need to be careful with the company you choose for the job. It is good to be sure that they are capable of delivering what you expect from them. Take some time and look at the tools that they use to do this work. You also should go for professionals who have enough experience.

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The importance of regular professional car care

For most us, our cars are like our second homes. Lengthy commutes coupled with busy lifestyles ensure that we spend many hours in our vehicles. From appointment hopping to carpooling, the children, to grocery shopping, your car endures plenty during the day. Consequently, it is bound to take a beating and accumulate dirt, clutter and a lot of trash. Unfortunately busy schedules also mean that you do not have much time to clean your car regularly. The good news is that you can utilize a cost-effective professional car cleaning, waxing and detailing service, and enjoy the many benefits that come with it.

professional car care

Why get your car washed by a professional
Due to the toll your busy day takes on your car, it can take a couple of hours just to get the interior clean and neat. The overall cleaning process is simply time-consuming and excruciating. Not to mention the high cost of all essential cleaning supplies especially if you own more than one car. Professional cleaning on the other hand is quick, thorough and cheaper in the long run. These car professionals treat your car with the utmost respect and return it to you at its best.

Allowing experts to clean your vehicle regularly protects the environment. Think of the many gallons of water you use when washing your car at home. You probably do not realize the likely environmental hazards this can cause. Dirt, grime and detergents can easily wash away into sewers, which can then drain into rivers and local lakes especially if you live in a small town or city. Car wash experts use environmentally friendly procedures, equipment, and products, not just to protect your car but also to keep the environment safe.

Using professionals regularly to clean your vehicle keeps its resale value high. It is everyone’s dream to maintain their car as good as it was when it came out of the showroom. Along with regular professional cleaning, services such as waxing and detailing your car can help you maintain your car as good as new. Certainly, auto insurance experts agree that a grimy car is not just eye aching, but also a liability. Car wash experts help preserve the integrity of your vehicle.

Taking your car to a good car wash saves you time and effort, safeguards the environment, and protects the resale value of your vehicle. Nevertheless, you need other professional car wash services such as waxing and detailing to keep your car at optimal conditions.

Benefits of waxing services
Waxing is an important step when it comes to your car maintenance for many reasons. If properly done, a nice wax can keep your car shining for weeks, and slow down the rate at which it gets dirty. Waxing also offers scratch protection, safeguarding your vehicle from normal wear and tear that comes with daily use. This process also shields your expensive paint from harmful UV rays of the sun especially if you live in big cities that have eroded there ozone layer significantly. Overall, waxing adds a nice feel to your car and leaves it looking like new. Consistency is the key when it comes to waxing and experts recommend doing it every six weeks.

Detailing your car is essential as well
If you want to keep your vehicle’s showroom state for as long as you can, detailing is essential. Detailing is more than just cleaning of your car. In fact, it is a different thing altogether. It involves a scrupulous cleaning of your car and a reconditioning of both the exterior and interior of the vehicle. It is a thorough step-by-step procedure to restore your car to its true condition and safeguard your investment. Nevertheless, detailing packages vary from company to company and there are no standard guidelines so make certain you are getting the best service out there.

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