Keeping an old car looking new

You’ve probably come across it; that dilapidated car on the road that refuses to die despite its clear signs of wear and tear! Evidently, such an old car may in fact just be a few miles from its end of life. Nevertheless, an old car should not lose its sheen by sheer virtue of its age. Here are 6 care tips to keep your old car looking new and functional.

Taking your old car for wash and detailing
Washing a car’s exterior is a no brainer. In fact, most people can get this done with a garden hose and some detergent. However, an old car requires thorough cleanup in order to maintain a new look. Due to years of use, lots of muck and grime can get stuck on multiple parts of the car, which needs regular cleanups.

It is recommended to bring your car to a car wash, such as your local Winter Park car wash, in order for the experts to detail your car. This involves getting rid of dirt under your car’s chassis; in wheel wells to eliminate risks of corrosion (a protective film is also applied to eliminate risks of cracking.) The interiors also need some sprucing up by vacuuming to eliminate bad odor and stains. Detailing also involves getting rid of grime that may have accumulated over time in the engine housing. Eliminating dirt is an important step in maintaining your cars overall visual appeal.

Old car looking new

Replacing broken parts
Old cars need special care, not just while driving, but also in maintaining them to ensure they can keep up with their newer counterparts. In order to maintain or enhance your old car’s performance, always repair or replace broken parts with new ones. Most importantly, ensure that you purchase your replacements from reputable dealers who can assure you of high quality parts.

For instance, old cars wear out their suspension and shocks due to usage. Routinely servicing such parts would curb the risks of being stuck in the middle of nowhere with a broken suspension. Consider replacing other parts such as broken door handles, fenders, and bumpers in order to enhance your car’s appearance.

Regularly waxing the car
Waxing gives your car’s paintjob a glossy, appealing look. Thus, it enhances your car’s aesthetic value. Furthermore, it serves as a protective coat for the paint. This implies you do not need to fret about having to repaint your car from time to time. Cars are constantly exposed to the environment, which leads to scratches on their body, damage by the sun’s UV rays, and rain. If unattended, these elements can damage the car’s exterior appearance. Thankfully, a waxed body surface protects your car from the effects of elements, thereby preserving the paint. In order to maintain that sharp, bright look on your old car, Winter Park car wash professionals recommend a wax job, which can be done at intervals, say two to three times a year.

Caring for the interior
Revitalize your old car’s interior by tinting your windows in order to ward off UV rays from the sun, which can have a damaging effect on the car. UV rays can crack plastic and discolor the interior. Moreover, get the seats fixed in order to give your interior a facelift. You may also want to invest in a defogging service to eliminate pungent odors like mildew. You should also replace torn seats or floor mats. Alternatively, seat covers are very handy as they can easily be replaced over time. Overall, enhancing your car’s interior can quickly raise its resale value in the event that you consider upgrading to a newer car.

Headlight restoration
Due to continual use over time, or contact with substances like dirt or debris, headlights tend to lose their luster. This degradation leads to a discolored and foggy appearance that causes the car’s headlights to lose their sparkle. As a result, they cannot illuminate as well as they used to before. Winter Park car wash experts recommend headlight restoration for not only aesthetics, but also for safety reasons.

The procedure may take varying forms, but generally, it involves sanding to remove dirt from the headlight lens, then applying a replacement coat that restores your headlights appearance. That way, your old car’s headlights can retain a magnetic appeal through a newer look.

Put these tips into practice in order to restore your car’s appearance. Ultimately, your old car does not have to look bland if you exercise continual care in priming it. This will ensure that your old car continues looking new, despite its advanced age.

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