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A comprehensive interior clean is just as important as exterior detailing. But, all to often we see areas that get forgotten about.

Cleaning Chrome Trim
You should never touch the chrome trim with your hands. Our skin usually different types of oils, and can cause smudges. They can also deteriorate the surface. It is also important to wipe off fingerprints and smudges with a soft cloth.

Maintaining Upholstery
You can use baby powder to remove oil-based stains and grease streaks to clean and maintain upholstery. You just have to sprinkle it on the spot and let it rest for about 30 minutes. Use a soft nylon brush to dust it off after 30 minutes. You should use a vacuum to remove any residue.
Interior auto detail

Cleaning Interior Carpet
Spraying compressed air over the carpet is one of the best ways to flush out dirt. You will be able to clean the edges as well as corners. A sweeping motion on the floorboards, above the carpet and in the trunk will give excellent results. A vacuum cleaner will help you to remove any loose dirt.

Removing Dirt from Dashboard
You can use cotton swabs to clean debris and dirt in between and inside the dashboard vents. Cotton swabs also work great inside slots and around gauge seems for air and heating control levers.

Cleaning the Wheels
As strange as it may sound, using a toothbrush is always better to remove dirt from crevices. In fact, nylon bristles are better for spokes and intricate patterns. For cleaning properly, you will also need to use an effective solution for the surface.

Removing Stickers to Clean Window Glass
Before washing the windows of your car, it is important to remove faded or old stickers. You can peel them off using your fingers. It is better to start with a raised corner and drag it further with your nails. Once you have removed most of the sticker, dampen a cotton rag with some alcohol. Rub it over the remaining parts of the sticker. This will soften them and you will be able to remove them easily.

You can also use a razor blade to remove any stickers that won’t easily come off.

Detailing Rags
You should always use different rags to clean different parts of your car. For instance, a rag used to clean your car’s wheel should not be used while cleaning windows. Also, different cleaning solutions should not be mixed on the same rag. For instance, a dashboard cleaner should not be mixed with a window cleaning solution.

Detailing Under the Trunk and Hood
It is very important to clean undersides of the trunk lid and hood. Before you start cleaning, it is better to lay a sheet over the engine. This will protect the engine parts from dirt and debris from the hood and trunk.
In our busy lives, we don’t usually get time to focus on every detail and waste hours washing our car or detailing it. Therefore, hiring a professional car cleaning and detailing service, like Magic Suds Car Wash, is always better.

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