Changing the oil of your car is a necessary task even though most people tend to avoid it. What makes the matter worse is the ever increasing cost of oil changes mostly on newer cars that use low friction oils that are more expensive. There are some people who prefer changing the oil themselves to save some money. But, is the amount of money you save from a do it yourself (DIY) oil change really worth it? Before running to the store to buy the things you need to do your first oil change, here are some things you should think about:

Do you have the right tools and experience?

If you are a person who love vehicles and like learning about them during your free time, the task of changing oil should be easy for you. But if it is the first time you intend to take a wrench and save money, it’s better if you leave the task to a professional. A service shop has the relevant equipment including car lifts which will make the oil change faster and efficient.

If the problem is time, there are service shops that specialize in quick oil change for any customer in a rush. If you go ahead and do the job without the right experience and tools, you can end up taking several hours to accomplish the task that would otherwise require a few minutes. In addition, there is the possibility that you might end up damaging your vehicle due to inexperience and using the wrong tools. And the worse part is that you can end up hurting yourself in the process.

Doing your own oil change

Costs of changing the oil yourself

These are costs that individuals tend to overlook during the first oil change. Apart from the oil filters and the oil, the following are some of the tools that you will have to purchase before you proceed with the oil change:

• The oil drip pan
• Jack stand and the floor jack
• An oil filter wrench
• Wrench – for drain plug
• Waste oil container and
• A funnel

Another expense that gets overlooked is the waste disposal fee that you will have to pay to properly dispose the used oil.

Perks of relying on a service shop to do the oil changing

Even though you can save lots of money by changing your car’s oil by yourself, there are some benefits associated with going the service shop way. Some of these benefits include:

• Service inspection – A service shop will inspect your vehicle to identify any other issues.

• Car wash - There are some dealers who will clean your car once you have taken it to them for servicing.

• Tire rotation - If you purchased your tires from the same shop that does the oil change, they will rotate your car’s tires for free.

• Fluid refill - Many dealers and service shops will refill your vehicles fluids including the coolant, the washer fluid, and power steering fluid and transmission oil.

Pros and cons of changing the oil by yourself


• Cheaper
• Fulfilling work


• It will take some time
• You will have to buy some items
• Risk of injuring yourself or damaging your vehicle

Pros and cons of relying on a service shop


• It is faster
• Other services as an addition
• Avoid the hassle related to oil change


• More expensive
• You will have to drive to a service shop

Tips for reducing the oil change costs

If you still think that you will save more money by changing your vehicle’s oil, don’t forget that there are many service shops that offer discounted oil changes and change coupons to their customers. You should search online or in the local newspaper for promotions or special offers that auto shops offer in your area. You can also get oil change coupons online. Keeping a regular maintenance, along with maintaining your car’s appearance with the help of Magic Suds Car Wash, is extremely important to keep your car running safely and efficiently.

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