Whether you are a cat person, a dog person, or both, you will agree that your four-legged furry animals are very good companions that sometimes can be quite messy. If there is always a ball of fur moving across your car’s floors or you are constantly wiping out their paw prints, do not worry. There are a lot of car cleaning/maintenance tips for pet owners. Besides, you can hire a professional service such as Orlando car wash to assist with this. Remember having a dirty car can be a major pain especially if you need to take loved ones for dinner and none of them wants to sit on the pet’s hair or old urine stains. Here are a few tips to help.

· Remove the pets hair using a glove – Although this might seem obvious, at times it does not work especially with stubborn pet hair that is just sticking onto your car due to static electricity. Start by removing the bulk of hair using a vacuum then use other techniques to get rid of stubborn ones. Apart from vacuum cleaners, other techniques that you may apply include balloon static, spray and fabric softener. Using a fabric softener helps loosen the hair by making it easy to be removed. Just mix 1 cup of water with 3 teaspoons of softener and spray your car seat. Next, wipe it down. Once it is dry you can use a vacuum to remove the hair. But sometimes what you require is a strong force which in this case is a balloon. Just get a large balloon and rub it on your hair then glide it over the seats to attract the hair. It is that simple and easy.

Maintenance tips for pet owners

· Use rubber gloves or brushes – For this process, you need a stiff brush, a typical dryer sheet, and rubber gloves. The first step is to run the dryer sheet over the place where you want to clean. This process will ensure that the pet hair is softened. Next, brush the hair off using a brush and then dispose of it. However, if this is not effective, put on kitchen rubber gloves with slightly raised tips on your fingers and roll the hair with the raised tips of the gloves. Although this works just well if the gloves does not have raised finger tips, the whole process might be a lot harder than you thought. Apart from rubber gloves, silicon gloves commonly used in the garden also works well. If you are dealing with stubborn hair, you should get the services of a professional cleaner such as Orlando car wash.

· Cleaning pet urine - No matter how much you train your pet, accidents will happen. If you immediately respond to urine accidents you can minimize the damage. Use a terry cloth towel to absorb most of the urine but after that, you still need to clean the area using, at least, some water and four drops of dishwater liquid to remove what is remaining and the smell. Once you have washed the area rinse it well with clean water and towel. You can also place 15 to 20 paper towels on the area and use books as weights to absorb the moisture from the cleaned surface. Ensure that you change the paper towels frequently until the area is completely dry.

· Cleaning pet stains – Cleaning stains due to the pet’s urine, blood, and vomit from your pet can be a great challenge especially if the stains have been there for a while. Since these stains can cause wear and tear to the car, employing a professional cleaner such as Orlando car wash can really help with some of these stains. If you are not sure about the process avoid using steam cleaners as they might end up damaging your car more or even make the stains impossible to remove. Since there are many products designed specifically to remove these stains it is imperative that you consult a professional who have the necessary experience and expertise on how to follow the instructions. Professionals are not only well trained in the cleaning methods, but are screened, bonded, and insured so that you do not need to fear in case any damage occurs to your car. Remember some of the chemicals used for cleaning can also be harmful making it much better to leave the professionals to handle them

In sum, if you have tried cleaning your car without any success due to stubborn stains, hair or pet “accidents”, then maybe it’s high time you got your car professionally cleaned by a cleaning company such as Orlando car wash.

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