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Whether you have steel rims or aluminum alloy rims, it is inevitable that they get dirty along with the surface of your car’s wheels. Proper cleaning and maintenance is the only way to keep it in good condition. Dust and various elements tend to build up and can be corrosive or possibly bring about damage to your brake pads. Cleaning your tires does not only enhance your vehicle’s overall appearance, but also ensures that it delivers its best performance in terms of traction and braking. Maintenance can help you save money in the long run. Here are a few simple steps on how to clean car tires and tips for observing proper maintenance:

How to Clean Car Tires

1. Setup 2 buckets filled with water, one for washing (mixed with car wash shampoo) and the other just water for rinsing. Soak the brushes for later use.

2. Coat your tires in cleaning solution. Spray them or apply it with a soft cloth if using a cream. Leave it for at least 5 minutes for deep cleaning.

3. Carefully scrub your tires while avoiding the rim or hitting the fender, then rinse the brushes and repeat as necessary.

4. Use another soft brush for the wheel well, getting behind crevices, the spokes and reaching tight areas. Eventually work your way towards the face of the wheel.

5. Use smaller delicate brushes for more detailed parts like the lug nuts and center cap.

6. Rinse the wheel with a hose or a pressure washer if you have one.

7. Dry the wheel by wiping with a microfiber towel or a leaf blower. Make sure that it is completely dry, otherwise the wax and detailing solutions will dissolve and fail to work properly. Your vehicle can also acquire water spots and become prone to rusting if not fully dried.

8. Using a wax applicator pad or microfiber applicator, apply dressing over your tires the same way you typically apply wax on your car. Spread evenly especially on grooves and labels and in between the tires and rims, except for the parts that come in contact with the road.

Clean car tires

Tips for Fast and Easy Cleaning and Proper Maintenance

-Always wash the wheels separately from the rest of your car by preparing its own cleaning materials to avoid grime and grease from smudging. Scrub the wheels and tires one at a time, washing and rinsing prior to moving on to the next to prevent the cleaner from drying in the process.

-Make certain that you buy the right product and not just any commercial cleaner or degreaser which may not be safe for your wheels. Select one that’s appropriate for the type of tires you have. Make sure it is specially formulated for auto detailing.

-Make use of high quality wheel brushes to implement superior care. These are usually soft yet firm and typically contour to the sidewalls.

If you would rather have a professional keep your tires in the best condition, Magic Suds Car Wash cares for your vehicle and treats it like their own. Not only will your tires be cleaned and maintained, but your car is bound to shine as well.

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