Protecting Your Car’s Finish To Improve Resale Value

A car’s resale value is dependent on many things, the overall condition of the car, mileage, make and model, as well as the appearance. In fact, appearance is one of the first things potential buyers look for. Regardless of what the book value may be, if your vehicle is not in prime cosmetic condition, buyers will offer prices much lower than you were hoping for.

Some buyers will advertise that a vehicle is “garage kept” or maintained with a paint protection film. All these reinforcements boost the interest and increase the price. Follow these detailed methods to aid you in obtaining maximum resale value by protecting your automotive finish.

Protect the Finish

There are many different methods to protect the finish of your automobile.Many car owners choose to keep their vehicles stored away in a garage to protect them from harsh weather and sun damage. Applying a paint protection film can also maintain your vehicle under a layer of virtual glass for years.

Not only will the film form a barrier against water (if you purchase a hydrophobic film) but it will also heal itself if it’s marred by road debris. It can also protect your vehicle against hail damage due to the additional layer of surface tension created by evenly distributing and repelling the force of the impacts.

Whether you use a paint protection film or not, you should still regularly wax your vehicle with a hard Carnauba wax to bring out the warm glow and luster. Carnauba wax forms a protective seal and adds an additional layer of protection against the eroding effect of dust in the wind, acid rain, and water.

You can also use a sealant to block UV-radiation to help repel the water. Many waxes today are actually sealants that contain silicone and have excellent hydrophobic properties. When it comes to paint protection film, some drivers choose to only apply it in high-wear areas, such as the hood or trunk. Fender flares can also protect against the debris that is ordinarily kicked up by the tires.

The sea air as well as salt that is used on icy roads both have an extremely corrosive effect on your vehicle’s paint. This is even more potent in the morning when the dew sticks to the vehicle and starts to soften and penetrate the paint. You will find that the salty atmosphere penetrates deep into the paint and will begin to corrode the vehicle in about 5 years if proper maintenance is neglected.

Avoid Harsh Brushes During Car Washes

Washing your vehicle is an important part of maintaining the overall appearance. You can regularly wash off road salt and debris that can build up and scratch the paint. However, it is critical to avoid harsh bristles while washing your car as they can strip the wax completely off your vehicle and create pores in the paint that lead to softening and corrosion. Neglected brushes can even dull your finish with micro-scratches.

If you are going to use a car wash, you should utilize a trusted full service car wash that have soft cloths, hand wash options, or a wand to clean your vehicle. These are especially good for the tires, wheels, and for reaching underneath the vehicle to remove road salt. However, if you want to maintain that brilliant mirror finish, you must wash your vehicle with soft wash mitts or cloth every 1 to 4 weeks.

Understand How Paint is Damaged

Paint is damaged when it is exposed to the sunlight, bird droppings, tree sap, acid rain, weather, and more. It can also be damaged by the wind and dirt particles that hit the vehicle while you are driving. By using a car cover or a garage and parking your vehicle in the shade, you can significantly reduce fading and damage.

Carry Out Other Forms of Preventative Maintenance

In order to protect the appearance of your vehicle, you should keep up on all repairs. Scratches, dents, and cracked windshields are an inevitable side effect of sharing the road with thousands of others. Be sure to treat any scratches immediately to reduce the risks of water damage and oxidation.

In addition, you should change the fluids as recommended and keeping on top of repairs to retain a new-car feel. There are even savings calculators to help you save money in the meantime. This will allow you to command the highest prices for your vehicle when you’re ready to sell or trade in for a new set of wheels.

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