Car wash, wax, and detailing

Car wash wax detailing

A professional car wash goes through a step-by-step process. Car wash detailing has several important steps that need to be done before your car comes out looking sparkly new again.

1. The Wash
This is when your vehicle enters into the wash and spray tunnel. The purpose of this step is to take out the mud, grime and dirt of the exterior of your car through a washing solution that is ph neutral. This is also the most outstanding way to strip off the old wax. An undercarriage wash also happens, and this is always a good inclusion in your car wash process, as it takes out all the accumulated dirt in the crevices and cracks under your vehicles.

2. Drying
This process involves wiping down the car with non-abrasive cloth strips or brushes. The next step involves the car being wiped down. Professionals use non-abrasive brushes or cloth strips. Other car wash companies also use a blower or microfiber towels.

3. Clay, Prep and Inspect
Claying the car requires a new and clean clay bar and the need to use lots of clay bar lubricant. The headlamps, tail lamps, door jambs and windows are also thoroughly clayed. Prepping means wiping each section that has been clayed down. This is an important step to ensure that all residue is removed. Washing again after claying is an option. Inspecting is the next step. This is when a professional will decide whether paint correction is needed.

4. Polish and Protect (The Wax Process)
If and when paint correction is needed, polishing is the next step. In protecting the paint, the most important thing to do is the wax process. The process starts with a well-prepared surface, that is why the steps above are necessary before applying the car wax. In wax application, the main rule is to use less, and to apply thinly. Thin application is better because it will cure better and will bond easily to the paint. Burnishing after applying is the next step. This will make the wax disappear. In the application method, what Wax products professionals do is that they actually work over the product. The product needs to be applied into the surface. Waxes and cleaners are not your normal wipe on, wipe off over the counter products. The cleaning action needs to come from the professionals.
There are also different types of wax, below are the different types of car wax that professionals use.

Cleaner/Waxes – This is what is used to clean, polish and protect the car paint. This has natural ingredients. A perfect example is Carnauba.

Cleaner/Sealants – This is another way to polish and protect the car. The protection ingredients used for this product are all synthetic.

Finishing Waxes – This is simply used for finishing. It maximizes the beauty of the paint. The protection ingredients are natural.

Finishing Sealants – This type has the same function as a finishing wax but is composed of synthetic ingredients.

Hybrids – There are also hybrid car waxes that combine both natural and synthetic ingredients.

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Tips for Maintaining and Caring for your Car

We all are automobile owners and recognize how important it is to take care of and maintain our cars. Giving proper care and maintenance to our cars will increase the life expectancy of our cars and will certainly help to retain the value of the car when it comes time to sell it or trade it in. Like everything else we own in our lives, it is imperative to respect our own property and render the proper care and treatment giving a fresh new appearance to both the outside and inside of the vehicles.

There are many things we can do to properly maintain a vehicle. One of the most common issues that arises with our cars, whether new or used, is spilling something on the car’s carpet. If this occurs, regardless of what you may have spilled on the carpet, wet the area immediately with cold water and then after a couple of moments blot the area. If the stain remains after this simple procedure then select a stain or general carpet cleaner that you may have and spray it directly on the stained area. Allow it to set for about 5-10 minutes and then blot the area with a clean cloth. Make sure to go back over the area with a damp towel to remove any excess cleaner from the surface of the carpet.




Another common maintenance issue with vehicles is cleaning and caring for leather seats. It is ever so important to protect and maintain your leather seats which are noted to be chic and elegant and add that touch of class to the vehicle. Though these features are luxurious to say the least they will begin to wear after time and the beauty of your leather seats and interior will begin to fade. There are a couple of ways to maintain the leather in your car. First and foremost you want to try to keep your leather from being exposed to too much sunlight. In addition, it is imperative to clean leather with only leather conditioners and the use of cotton cloths. High quality leather cleaning products are specifically made for the maintenance of leather seats and interior for conditioning, wiping, and buffing the leather. If for some reason, however, you are not able to take the adequate time to maintain your leather then it is in your best interest, and certainly the best interest of the vehicle, to have your leather treated and serviced professionally on a regular basis. Tender loving care is necessary in order to maintain the leather interior of your car and if you are not able to provide it then by all means make certain that a professional can. Some other simple tasks you want to perform on your car regularly are vacuuming the carpets, cleaning the windshield, other vehicle windows and mirrors in the interior with glass cleaner to allow for clean and concise vision and perhaps utilizing an air freshener of some sort to give the vehicle a fresh and clean smell at all times.

In addition to your personal maintenance and cleaning of your car it is important to have the car professionally cleaned from time to time. Taking your car to a professional car wash affords your vehicle some of the extra services and luxuries that you are not able to perform at home. Car washes have an array of different services that are offered to properly maintain, clean, and care for your car, and the cost of doing so is quite affordable and reasonable. Following each of these tips above is sure to increase your vehicle’s life expectancy and definitely help in retaining the overall value of your car. There is nothing quite as enjoyable as a clean looking, clean smelling vehicle.

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Keeping your car clean from the inside out

car clean from the inside


In a perfect world you’d always have your car spotless from the inside, out. Keeping a car clean with a hectic schedule in a fast paced world is possible with some basic car care tips. These tips are designed to help keep your car cleaner and longer from the inside and out. If you’re short on time or just like to save time when it comes to cleaning your car, here are some basic car care guidelines you can implement on a daily or weekly basis. These tips can help keep your car cleaner, longer in between trips to a professional car wash, such as your favorite Orlando car wash.


Quick Exterior and Interior Car Care Tips:

 Carry a multi-purpose, waterless cleaning solution in the trunk of car. Waterless, cleaning solutions are great for on the spot clean ups by quickly removing dirt and grime. They also can help protect the paint of your car from elements, such as snow and heat.

Keep microfiber cloths in the trunk of your car with or without waterless, cleaning solution.

Rinse car off with water a couple times a week to help prevent buildup of dirt, dust, and grime.

When filling up the gas tank, use the vacuum cleaner at the gas station for a quick interior clean.

Visit a professional car wash once or twice a month minimum.
Use multi-purpose, disposable cleaning wipes for quick interior clean ups.

Use Rain-X wiper blades to help keep windshield cleaner, free of dust and dirt. These help keep the windshield cleaner in between professional car washes.

Applying car wax or sealant to the paint (will protect the paint from extreme elements). Regularly waxing the paint on a car will keep it looking newer for a long time.


Professional car washing includes having your car detailed. Car detailing includes having every part of your car, inside and out, cleaned. Detailing goes beyond basic washing, drying, waxing and vacuuming. Car detailing steps can include using upholstery cleaners, steamers, leather conditioners, brushes and scrubbers to clean every crack and crevice of a car. Aside from keeping your car clean from the inside and out, it’s also important to maintain a car’s engine, brake system, tires and everything in between.

Not only will you feel good driving around in a well maintained, clean car, but you’ll also help keep the resale value of your car high. Regular tune ups and oil changes are essential for keeping the engine of a car in peak performance. Consulting the car’s owner manual can help give you tips on how to properly maintain your car. Tips in owner’s manuals can even include information on how you can clean the engine of your car. The best way to keep a car looking newer, longer is to combine some basic home car care tips with the help of professionals, such as your local Orlando car wash. With so many ways to keep your car clean, it’s easy to find what works best for you.

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Keeping your car clutter free | Winter Park car wash

Car clutter free


Keeping your car clean and clutter free not only makes you feel good but also helps keep the resale value of your car high. Especially if you have kids, it’s easy for the inside of your car to look like a wreck. Trying to find that sun hat you threw in the backseat last week can easily become an adventure dive into the world of lost and found- all in the backseat of your car! Driving around with a clutter filled car can be an added distraction you don’t need. With so many people on the road driving around distracted, having a clutter free car can help keep you safer on the go. Think of clutter rolling around on the floor of your car, getting lodged under areas that should be kept clutter free. A water bottle rolling under brakes can be downright dangerous, especially with a car full of kids. Here are some quick and easy tips to keep your car clutter free:


Keep all important documents inside your glove compartment or clipped to a sun visor.

Keep extra bags in the console or truck to quickly discard of trash. Trash contained in a bin or bag inside your car keeps your car tidy and safe.

Keep the kids’ stuff in a container with a lid, ideally in the trunk or in an area away from the driver’s seat.

Keep all items in the trunk in containers with lids to keep them from rolling around, causing distracting noises while driving.


Keeping all the items you need to keep in your car organized can ease the frustration when needing to find those items. This will also be easier to clean your car out, only having to handle bags or containers to remove. This makes for car cleaning much easier. Keeping your car clean and clutter free is safer for yourself and your passengers by reducing all the possible liabilities that go along with having an unkempt car. Let’s hope you never get into a car accident, but if you do, having a clutter free car is one less thing you have to worry about anything flying around and hitting anyone, injuring them beyond the actual car accident. Cleaning your car regularly will also help keep the resale value of your automobile high. Adopting a clutter free life will not only reduce stress for you but also help keep you organized. Being organized and clutter free can be simple if you practice these habits on a daily basis.

Aside from clutter, another concern for car owners in how to keep the cloth or leather areas of their car clean and stain free. Mini steam cleaners help keep the cloth in your car stain free. Using leather conditioners help keep leather seats looking like new, longer. For tougher stains and wear and tear, it’s best to take your car to a professional, Winter Park car wash, or other professional car washes can help remove stains from cloths and recondition leather seats. The best way to keep the cloth in your car stain free and leather seats looking like new is to keep your car clean from the moment you purchase it. It’s much easier to keep it clean from the moment you get your car than letting it get so bad that it becomes something you keep putting off. If you’re short on time, you can take your car to professionals, such as Winter Park car wash.

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Cleaning tips and tricks | Magic Suds Winter Park car wash

Tips and tricks to keep your car looking cleaner, for longer periods of time, in between professional washes can include using products such as Rain-x wipers or using leather conditioners on seats. Using Rain-x wipers, can not only help keep your windshield clear of debris, but also dramatically help clear your windshield during the heaviest rain. Regular use of leather conditioners help keep leather seats and steering wheels looking like new.

car cleaning

The best way to protect car paint is to keep your car in a garage or under a carport. Elements like sun, rain, snow, cold and heat can take a toll on car paint overtime if left without protection. If you don’t have a garage or carport, the next best option for protecting your car paint would be to purchase a car cover. These are simple to use and easy to store since they often can be kept in the trunk of a car. Regularly waxing your car can also help protect the car paint. Rinsing your car off on occasion can also help keep your car looking clean longer by protecting the paint. With a good wash weekly, you are helping protect the clear coat and paint of your car. Keeping the inside of your car clean is just as important as keeping the exterior clean. To maximize the cleanliness of your car, vacuuming the inside of your car in between trips to a professional car wash is the way to go. If you choose to wash your car at home, be sure to use detergent specifically used to wash cars. Keeping the outside of your car clean is just as important as keeping the inside fresh. Regularly taking care of the interior of your car can cut down on cost and time spent fixing interior problems that can arise later down the road. To maximize the clean feel and look to your car, take it in to a professional car wash, at least once a month. This can help keep both the inside and outside of your car looking like new.

Professional car wash centers, such as a Winter Park car wash, can properly care for any type of car, regardless of how dirty they become. Most car wash centers can also clean and wash other small vehicles, motorcycles, and even boats. Car wash professionals are armed with every single type of car cleaning product you can imagine. Detailing your car, when at a professional car wash, is the best way to keep your car looking cleaner, longer. A car detail is a deep clean inside and out. Everything on your car will be clean and looking brand new after a proper detail at a professional car wash. The fine details matter, so a good car wash center will even clean ledges and door jambs. No matter what types of products you use, or what car cleaning methods you employ, you can be sure to find a variety of ways to keep your car looking cleaner longer.

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Full service car wash vs a home car wash

On any typical weekend, Winter Park car wash businesses have lines of cars waiting to get a good cleaning. What might surprise you is that according to the International Carwash Association, a professional car wash is better for a car than washing at home.

By comparison, cars washed at a professional Winter Park car wash have fewer scratches and the surface of the vehicle is much smoother after a professional wash. The gently rotating cloth pads and “curtains” at a professional car wash don’t allow small sand particles to stick, thus causing less friction against a car’s surface. The study showed that even after 25 professional washings, the paint was in very good condition.

car wash services

Another factor to consider is the amount of water used to wash a car. The Texas study showed that the average backyard hose doesn’t supply enough water to remove all the dirt and detergent. Also, the water pressure is too high, which causes a lot of water to be wasted – adding to higher water bills. Most modern car washes are built to be eco friendly, and a lot of older washes have upgraded equipment that allows them to use less water, but still be very effective at cleaning a car’s surface.

Just about the worst method of car washing is the use of brushes that hook on to the garden hose. The low water pressure that comes out of the hose through the soapy brush – thus saving on water bills – is the most destructive on the finish of the car! The attached brush can pick up sand particles and grind them into the paint finish before the low pressure water can wash the dirt and sand away.

Where does all that soapy water go as the car is washed at home? It runs down the driveway, into the gutters and into the water system. Perhaps one car getting a washing at home wouldn’t affect the ecosystem very much, but consider thousands of cars and thousands of gallons of water running back into the ground.

Winter Park car wash services have the right equipment and biodegradable detergents that won’t harm a car’s finish. The car wash machines are programmed to use a specific amount of water at a specific pressure, so water is conserved and the car’s paint job isn’t dulled by too much water pressure. Winter Park car wash services also recycle the water and soapy water does not go down the drains.

Another thing that does not go down the drain is the money spent on a professional Winter Park car wash. Car owners save money on water bills and have a longer-lasting car finish that will not need refinishing. It isn’t being lazy to use a professional car wash. So don’t use your hands, use your head when it comes to washing your car and remember that according to the research study in Texas, the car owner who goes to a Winter Park car wash saves time, labor, money and effort.

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Winter Park Car Wash tips: Dirt inside and out

When we see a shiny, clean car we often dismiss the interior conditions. A shiny, bright exterior is usually enough for most people to assume that a car is clean. Often is the case where not much thought is given to the care of a car’s interior. Weather can damage both the exterior and interior of any car on different levels. Dirt and sun can easily damage the interior of a car if not cleaned on a regular basis. Leather and vinyl seats are prone to cracking and tearing. Sun damage, spills from food and drink can all contribute to leather and vinyl seats cracking and ripping. Everyday normal wear and tear on a car’s interior can take a toll. Extreme interior temperatures can weaken and crack surface areas inside cars. Neglecting the interior of a car can be costly and drastically bring down the resale value of any car. Climates that are prone to rainfall and snow can leave interior of cars musty smelling if not cleaned and dried instantly. Weather often contributes to carpet damage inside cars. Stains from dirt, water, and grime left on soft surfaces of a car’s interior can leave permanent marks. Cigarette burns and smells can ruin a car’s interior. Not regularly cleaning a car’s interior can result in costly, permanent damage. Rarely, critters such as a rat or mouse can get into a car and eat away at an unkempt car’s interior. In extreme cases, bug infestations can take over a dirty car interior.

car wash tips

Tips and tricks to keep your car’s interior clean between regular car washes can help preserve the resale value of your car and the quality of all the interiors features. Hard surfaces inside a car, such as a dashboard, should be wiped down weekly. Weekly dusting and vacuuming your car’s interior can help keep it cleaner, longer in between professional cleaning and detail services. The most efficient way to keep the interior of your car spotless would be to get it detailed at a full service, professional car wash on a regular basis. The professionals at a Winter Park Car Wash (such as us) are trained in the best methods to keep any car interior in immaculate condition. Car cleaning professionals are able to effectively clean hard to reach car interior crevices and cracks. Professionals use special tools and brushes to clean every inch of a car’s center. Areas between seats and under seats can be difficult to clean without the proper attention and cleaning tools. Leaving the interior of a car dirty can cause structural damage to seats and flooring. Water damage left inside of a car can lead to rusting that can eat away at metal hinges underneath seats. Seats will become difficult to adjust and review mirror hinges can rust and fall off if not wiped downed every once in a while. Rusting of interior metallic surfaces in a car can become difficult to operate and use effectively. Not to mention that a dirty, rusty car interior is extremely unattractive. Car detailing tools can be expensive to purchase and maintain. Car detailing the interior of your car can also be time consuming to do on a regular basis, if done by yourself, especially if you have more than one car to maintain. Cleaning the interior of a car can easily be added to any to do list. Let a Winter Park Car Wash expert clean your car with all the necessary tools, brushes, and buffers in one convenient location.

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Keeping an old car looking new – Magic Suds Winter Park 32792

There is nothing like a good car wash and wax to make an old car look almost new. Today, with so many cleansing products available, it’s easy to keep an older car looking shiny bright. It just takes consistency and elbow grease, even here in Winter Park 32792, where the sun can fade a paint finish quickly and oxidation can cause rust and corrosion on the undercarriage of a car.

There are four steps for a car wash to keep a car in “showroom condition.” First, washing. If you choose to do it yourself, begin with a good rinse. Run water over the entire car while inspecting it for heavy dirt – pollen (very common here in Winter Park 32792), bird droppings or tree sap. Then wash with an auto cleanser section by section, rinsing after each soapy application with a microfiber sponge. After the wash, run a hand over the surface of the paint. If it feels smooth, it’s good to go to the next step. If it feels gritty or has swirls, further cleaning is needed. Bringing your car in to be washed is usually the quickest and easiest way to make sure you everything get done right. A good car wash detailer knows what to look and feel for. Car detailers use a clay bar to shear off any contaminates left behind after the washing. With gentle, circular motions, they rub the clay bar over the area, then remove it with a microfiber towel. After this process, a car’s surface should feel smooth and be free of any swirls.

old car looking new

The next step would be to polish a car. This is not the same as waxing. Polish shines a car’s finish, waxing protects the car after the car wash. A good polishing restores the oils in the car’s paint finish, making the car have a nice reflective shine. Polishing is not needed after every car wash. Once to twice a year polishing should be sufficient, but always check with a professional.

The fourth and final step is waxing. Most professional car detailers suggest waxing about every three months. In Winter Park 32729, the harsh Florida sun can wear down a wax job. It’s the wax that protects a car’s finish.

There are new products on the market such as synthetic polymer-based waxes in liquid or paste that now last longer and are easier to apply than other waxes. There are good spray waxes which hold up differently that traditional waxes.

As with washing, wax is applied in a circular motion with a microfiber mitt, working one section of the car at a time. Partially dried wax is taken care of in a similar manner.

Even if you are not in Winter Park 32792, most professional car detailers follow this same procedure of thoroughly cleaning, restoring and finishing a car. Whether a car wash is a do-it-yourself project or done by a professional detailer, consistent cleaning and waxing will keep an old car looking as new as the day it came off the showroom floor.

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Car washing and detailing

Washing your car regularly can help protect the exterior paint and body of your car and keeping it looking new. Washing a car can include waterless, all in one spray on solutions, or the traditional wash with soap and water, or a hybrid of both known as auto detailing.

Washing a car with soap and water is a great starting point that will help maintain and protect a car. Traditional methods of washing a car with soap and water should also include a paint protectant such as wax. Waxing a car helps protect the paint from natural and chemical hazards cars face on a daily basis. Both waterless and water car cleaning methods are great ways to maintain a clean car exterior. Car detailing includes cleaning both the exterior and interior of a car.

Car washing and detailing

Car detailing dives down in the nitty gritty with materials such as microfiber towels, brushes, ozone buffers and vacuums. Car wax and buffers are often used in detailing the exterior of cars. Cleaning solutions and leather treatments are also used when detailing a car. The best method to clean plastic and vinyl surfaces is to use a designated cleaner with a microfiber cloth. Leather seats often require the use of brushes with leather safe cleaning solutions. Brushes used with leather cleaning solutions help loosen trapped dirt and grime imbedded in leather seats. The brushes can be used in conjunction with microfiber clothes along with the proper cleaning solution, depending on how much dirt would need to be cleaned. Spraying leather cleaner directly on seats and using a brush in circular motions to produce a lather will lift dirt off seats. Wipe clean with microfiber clothes. The lather in leather cleaning solutions is what helps clean leather surfaces. Lastly vacuums are used to clean the carpet of interior spaces of cars. Larger bristle brushes with car cleaning mat solutions can help lift dirt of car mats.

Waterless, all in one spray on solutions are best used in cold weather climates where you will find lots of salt the on roads or climates prone to wildfires or volcano ash. Waterless, all in one spray solutions, or detail sprays, work best removing road salt, dust and ash from cars since water mixed with these elements can often create alkalis that can corrode car paint. These types of solutions can also be used to clean tires. In colder climates washing a car outside may not be ideal, so a waterless, all in one solution is a quick way to help maintain the longevity of the paint on a car by removing dirt, grime, dust and salt. Waterless, all in one spray solutions are used with a microfiber cloth. These types of car washing solutions help protect the paint on cars and are often easier to use in cold weather. Economically, all in one waterless car wash spray solutions are often quick to use, saving you both time and money. Detail sprays and waterless car cleaning solutions can be kept in the truck of a car with microfiber clothes. The quick access to waterless car cleaning sprays are great to promptly remove bug guts, bird droppings and tree sap. Waterless spray solutions offer a quick way to help clean, protect and maintain the paint on a car in between regular water and soap washes.

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Advantages of regularly getting your car washed

A few advantages of regularly bringing your car into a professional car wash include being environmentally conscious, saving time, and protecting the resale value of your car. The benefits of using professional car washing services keep your car in the best condition possible. Since no one is an expert on everything, skilled car washing should be left up to trained professionals. The experts at an Orlando Car Wash like Magic Suds, can help keep the resale value of your car high with a variety of professional care and cleaning services they offer. Auto insurance agents would agree that a dirty car is more than just an eye sore, it’s also a liability. Our Orlando car wash can help maintain the integrity of your car. The appearance of a car is a reflection of our lives and personality. Cars require constant cleaning and care that’s often time consuming. Professional car washing services are not only convenient in saving time but also environmentally friendly. Regularly washing cars at home can become costly and time consuming. Think of the gallons of water used. Most car owners don’t realize the possible environmental hazards of washing a car at home. Soap, dirt and grime can wash away into storm sewers which can drain into local lakes and rivers in smaller towns. Not to mention, the cost of wax and all the proper cleaning supplies, can add up. Weekly car washing is recommended, or biweekly at best! Washing your car or cars at home can become time consuming and costly, especially if you have more than one car.

 car wash

Many of us spend a great amount of time in our cars. Cars become like our second home. Garbage piling up in cars can happen to the best of us. Busy lifestyles coupled with lengthy commutes can not only take a toll any car’s exterior but also interior. Strange smells can lurk in cracks and crevices in any car. Well-meaning car owners often neglect to regularly clean their cars themselves. It’s easy for a clean car to quickly become dirty. But, neglecting your car has its effects over time.

By taking your car(s) into you local Orlando Car Wash bimonthly or monthly you can utilize all their car care and cleaning services on a regular basis. The convenience of a professional car wash can easily be added to any to-do list. The money and time spent on the regular washing of any car is well worth the effort. Ideally a weekly car wash isn’t going to happen for the most of us. If a weekly car wash from experts is not possible, simple tricks such as using wax finishes after a car wash can help extend time between external car washes by protecting the paint. Keeping a small duster in the trunk of your car can also help keep dust build at bay. Weekly vacuuming can also help keep dirt and dust inside a car to a minimum. Bigger cleaning jobs should be left up to car washing experts.

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