Winter Park Car Wash tips: Dirt inside and out

When we see a shiny, clean car we often dismiss the interior conditions. A shiny, bright exterior is usually enough for most people to assume that a car is clean. Often is the case where not much thought is given to the care of a car’s interior. Weather can damage both the exterior and interior of any car on different levels. Dirt and sun can easily damage the interior of a car if not cleaned on a regular basis. Leather and vinyl seats are prone to cracking and tearing. Sun damage, spills from food and drink can all contribute to leather and vinyl seats cracking and ripping. Everyday normal wear and tear on a car’s interior can take a toll. Extreme interior temperatures can weaken and crack surface areas inside cars. Neglecting the interior of a car can be costly and drastically bring down the resale value of any car. Climates that are prone to rainfall and snow can leave interior of cars musty smelling if not cleaned and dried instantly. Weather often contributes to carpet damage inside cars. Stains from dirt, water, and grime left on soft surfaces of a car’s interior can leave permanent marks. Cigarette burns and smells can ruin a car’s interior. Not regularly cleaning a car’s interior can result in costly, permanent damage. Rarely, critters such as a rat or mouse can get into a car and eat away at an unkempt car’s interior. In extreme cases, bug infestations can take over a dirty car interior.

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Tips and tricks to keep your car’s interior clean between regular car washes can help preserve the resale value of your car and the quality of all the interiors features. Hard surfaces inside a car, such as a dashboard, should be wiped down weekly. Weekly dusting and vacuuming your car’s interior can help keep it cleaner, longer in between professional cleaning and detail services. The most efficient way to keep the interior of your car spotless would be to get it detailed at a full service, professional car wash on a regular basis. The professionals at a Winter Park Car Wash (such as us) are trained in the best methods to keep any car interior in immaculate condition. Car cleaning professionals are able to effectively clean hard to reach car interior crevices and cracks. Professionals use special tools and brushes to clean every inch of a car’s center. Areas between seats and under seats can be difficult to clean without the proper attention and cleaning tools. Leaving the interior of a car dirty can cause structural damage to seats and flooring. Water damage left inside of a car can lead to rusting that can eat away at metal hinges underneath seats. Seats will become difficult to adjust and review mirror hinges can rust and fall off if not wiped downed every once in a while. Rusting of interior metallic surfaces in a car can become difficult to operate and use effectively. Not to mention that a dirty, rusty car interior is extremely unattractive. Car detailing tools can be expensive to purchase and maintain. Car detailing the interior of your car can also be time consuming to do on a regular basis, if done by yourself, especially if you have more than one car to maintain. Cleaning the interior of a car can easily be added to any to do list. Let a Winter Park Car Wash expert clean your car with all the necessary tools, brushes, and buffers in one convenient location.

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