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Are You Washing Your Car Regularly?

Aside from the obvious of having a car that looks great, car washing can protect the cars finish. Bird droppings and bug splatter can get to be real relentless at different times. Also airborne contaminant (some we can’t even see), all wage a consistent and prolonged attack on your cars finish. Check out these tips from the pros at your Winter Park Car Wash.

Bug splatter for instance, have acids and particles in them that can eat away at the clear coat of your car, making it susceptible to rust.The metallic particles that come off the rotor as well as brake dust with its adhesive properties from the factory, and tar, all do damage to your cars paint.

So how can we stop the culprits right in there track, by washing our vehicles regularly!

How and Where To Start

I don’t know if you knew this or not, but most of the swirl marks we see on our car is from washing the car. I know you have seen one of those dark colored cars that look real good from far away. However, when you get up close it is riddled with swirl marks. They kinda look like cookies.

Why this knowledge is important is that it helps us all to realize, that even though washing a car seems so simple, what is often overlooked is that there is a right and a wrong way to do it. That is the first place to start is with this understanding.

I like to start out by finding products that will not scratch the paint. I use a chenille wash mitt, or a microfiber one. They both do a great job at pulling the dirt away from the paint and holding it in there fibers so that it does not scratch the paint.

Please don’t use dish washing liquid to wash your car with, why? Dish detergent has properties in it that strip the paint of the oils it needs to keep from drying out. So use a good car wash shampoo to wash the car with. I use Meguiars Soft Gel, its ph balanced with no detergents, and has lubricants in it that bring out the gloss in the paint finish.

Winter Park Car Wash
Is Your Car’s Finish Being Eaten Away?


Washing the Car

Because I do not want those swirl marks on my car, or any car I work on. I use more than one bucket to do my car washing. I recommend to do it that way if you can, cause after you make a pass with the wash mitt its going to be dirty. Instead of constantly washing with the water hose, just dip it in the bucket of fresh water to remove the dirt then back in the soapy water.

With that said, as always I like to wet down the car real good with water to remove what I can before I start car washing and you should too, it gets of some the dirt that I would otherwise have to (I know call me lazy). Also before you suds away, this is a good time to remove any bugs and tar using a bug and tar remover. Gold Class Bug and Tar Remover is the way to go here.

Then begin by cleaning and doing the wheels and tires. I have written an article on that for you, so if you want to start with the article before moving on.

Using a soapy sponge, and with the car wet down apply the bug and tar remover going over the car until you get all those unsightly trouble spots. After you are finished, rinse area with water.

Starting at the Top of the vehicle go ahead start to wash the car, taking a moment between passes to rinse the car off, as you work your way down from the top to the moldings.

Remember clean the wash mitt often in order to keep as much dirt as possible, from being introduced back on to the paint. While car washing, be sure to get the door jams, the area outlining the trunk and up under the hood in that hood pocket outlining the engine.

Its important to wash the car completely from top down, as the bottom is alway the dirtiest, as well as under the hood area so do those last. Preferably with a different Wash mitt either way remember not to introduce a dirty wash mitt back on to the paint.

Drying The Car

I like to use a dual pile microfiber towel to dry the car with. Starting with the windows first, go ahead and dry the car off. Then after you get the windows. Start drying from top down like you washed the car. Do the door jams, and trunk lid, and under the hood, after you have dried all the other panels of the car like we talked about.

That way we continually eliminate the chance for scratches and swirl marks while you are car washing. If washing the car in the sunlight try not to let the water dry on you, or it will leave water spots. So do the car washing out of direct sunlight if at all possible.

You want more great car detailing secrets? Come visit us at all your Winter Park car wash needs.

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