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Once you have your car windows tinted, you should be willing to accept the responsibility of knowing what type of cleaning materials and methods that you should use to clean it. This is because doing it improperly could result in less than desirable results (some could even undo the tint entirely). When in doubt, you can trust an Orlando Car Wash.

This is why researching on how to specifically clean tinted car windows is one smart step you took by landing on this article. Rest assured, though, that while tinted car windows are rather delicate when it comes to cleaning materials that you use on them, by no means are they impossible to be cleaned without relying on professional help. 

Products that You Should Prepare and Use

Since tinted car windows are known for their sensitivity, know that there are actually glass cleaner products out there that are specifically labelled as being safe for tinted car windows. Almost all household glass and window cleaners contain ammonia, which is not at all recommended. There are products in Amazon which are readily labelled as tint-safe like the Gunk TGC19 Tough Series Glass Cleaner and the Chemical Guys CLD_677 Window Clean Streak-Free Glass Cleaner, so you should definitely look out for these products.

You can also opt to create your own ammonia-free window tint cleaner by mixing a solution of distilled water, baby soap, 2 tbsp. of 91% isopropyl rubbing alcohol, and a spray bottle. Simply pour the water in the spray bottle and mix it thoroughly with a couple of drops of the liquid soap along with the alcohol. 

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Tinted Car Cleaning Methods to Practice and Avoid

Before starting with the cleaning process, you should make it a point to position your car in a shaded area. This is because exposure to sunlight could cause the cleaning solutions you apply to dry too fast, which makes it hard to clean tinted windows. It could even cause the formation of unwanted and unsightly spots on your windows, which doesn’t look at the least bit pleasing to eyes. 

As for the actual cleaning, it’s recommended to use two microfiber rags as you do so. The first would be used to do the scrubbing, wiping, and getting rid of fingerprints, dirt, dust, and grime, while the second would be used to rid the cleaned parts and areas of lingering moisture. When spraying the cleaner, always aim for parts where most of the dirt is concentrated. Let the solution sit on the tinted windows for about five minutes before firmly wiping the tint. 

Make it a point to prevent the cleaning solution from getting to the edges of the tinted windows, as these could seep below the tinting, which would result in peeling and the formation of bubbles. If there’s a significant amount of dirt, it’s recommended to soak the cleaning rag in water to remove excess dirt. Using a dirt- and grime-ridden cleaning rag further could prove to be useless after all. 

Stay Away from Cleaning Products that Contain Ammonia

Ammonia-based cleaning products, as stated above, are off-limits when cleaning the inside of the windows since they’re the primary culprit behind tinted car window cleaning attempts that actually end up removing the tint. In fact, they are usually the ones employed when the purpose of the car-owner is to have their car window’s tint removed. It’s OK to use cleaners with ammonia on the external part of the windows, though. Nonetheless, it’s always best to just use one glass cleaner when cleaning. 

When You Should Consider Seeking Professional Help

Of course, the easiest solution to cleaning tinted car windows is to simply rely on professional aid to do the whole cleaning for you. By opting for expert services provided by professional companies like an Orlando Car Wash, you can always be certain that your car’s tinted windows would be handled and cleaned extremely well. 

This is especially true in cases where you have to detail your vehicle because, for instance, you intend to sell it. This is a type of “complete” car cleaning that involves making your car as good as new, hence its term “detailing”. And, of course, it also involves thoroughly cleaning your car’s tinted windows. Oftentimes, only a professional car wash would be able to execute such a thorough maintenance and cleaning procedure, so you shouldn’t hesitate to rely on an expert car cleaning company instead if this is exactly what your vehicle needs. 

Professional services are also recommended if you simply want a good, quick and hassle-free cleaning job on your windows. Spending a little money on car wash services could prove to be a wise move, as not only could it save you time and effort, but it could also help you avoid long-term hurdles, especially if you are not aware of what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to cleaning your car. 

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