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Environmental Benefits| Commercial Car Wash

Global warming and the ever-changing environment has forced many countries to put strict measures in place to prevent damage to our planet. Both companies and citizens have been strongly suggested to use eco-friendly products, practice sustainability and at often times be frugal. Climate change has affected many people including car owners. Unlike the past where people used to wash their cars in the driveway, nowadays car owners may be forced to use a commercial car wash. On the plus side, many commercial car wash companies have come up with ways to wash your car as eco-friendly as possible. In this article we are going to focus on 5 ways commercial car wash companies are doing their part to save the environment.

  1. They conserve water

One key pillar of saving the environment is water conservation. Commercial car wash companies have actively researched ways to ensure that they deliver quality car washes with using less water. A research that was conducted by an independent institution found that a home car wash uses about 85 gallons of water while a commercial car wash uses about 56 gallons of water per car. In addition to that, modern technology that many commercial car wash companies use has enabled them to use somewhere between 28-32 gallons of water per car.

  1. They use eco-friendly detergents

Most car washes use eco-friendly detergents. There are many different types of detergent, some of which are good for the environment while others degrade the environment by releasing dangerous chemicals. Commercial car wash companies have actually conducted research on detergents and they have discovered detergents that are efficient for cleaning cars but friendly to the environment. There are two types of detergent; those that are biodegradable (easily decompose when disposed to the environment) and non-bio degradable detergents (those that don’t decompose easily when disposed to the environment). Non-biodegradable detergents are very harmful to the environment and if disposed without care, can have a negative effect on plants and animals as well as humans. Because commercial car wash companies deal with many cars, they know the danger that non-ecofriendly detergents pose to the environment. As a result, they use detergents that are efficient is cleaning cars but also friendly to the environment.

  1. They encourage recycling

Commercial car wash companies are one of the key pioneers of recycling. Most of their car cleaning methods are geared towards using products that can be recycled. In fact, some companies that use advanced technology can even recycle the water they use to when cleaning vehicles. As we all know, recycling is very important to protecting the environment. The more we recycle products the cleaner we keep our environment. Instead of using disposable products, commercial car wash companies also use reusable cloths, which is great for the environment.

  1. Proper disposal of waste products

In addition to ensuring that car washes use eco-friendly car cleaning methods, commercial car wash companies usually ensure that all their waste products are properly disposed. Unlike home car washes where most of the byproducts usually find their ways into rivers, commercial car wash companies treat all their waste products. The waste products are then disposed into proper channels to ensure that they don’t degrade the environment. They also follow the guidelines that have been put in place by the state to ensure that all their byproducts don’t effect the environment.

  1. They offer professional advice to their clients

Conserving the environment is not just about following the guidelines that have been put in place by researchers. It’s also about educating people on how they can protect the environment by following eco-friendly methods. Most car owners use car-cleaning methods that are not eco-friendly because they either can’t afford the cleaning material or they simply don’t care. Commercial car wash companies usually give professional advice to their clients on what they need to do when cleaning their cars to ensure that they protect the environment. They do this this by advising them on specific types of detergents as well as cleaning materials.

Take into consideration that not every commercial car wash is going to be 100% on board with eco-friendly practices. All we can do is hope that one day all car wash companies will want to protect the environment and inform their customers as much as possible.

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