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Orlando Gas Savings

As we all have noticed over the years, the price of gasoline keeps going up and up. There are a lot of new vehicles that take this fact into account and have gas efficiency built in. This is great for a future vehicle purchase, but doesn’t help now if you have an older car. But have no fear! There are some Orlando gas savings tips that can really help save you some money on your milage.

Track your mileage

You never really know your MPG until you are tracking. This may seem like a daunting task. There are many smart computers on the market that will work with your older model car. A popular one is Scangauge. It takes a little initial investment – but it is worth it in the long run. This way, you can compare tank to tank what your real time MPG is. Most importantly, it can show you your highway vs. stop and go gas milage.

Orlando gas savings


Go gentle on your brakes. Not only does it save you in the long run with less wear and tear on your brakes, but it also gives you better fuel economy. Learn to coast more and prepare sooner for heavy traffic braking. This includes hitting the gas pedal. Gently accelerate when in traffic and try to coast as much as possible. Leave plenty of space between you and the car ahead to make coasting easier. This will save you a ton of gas when stuck in a  traffic backup.

Always try to watch 4 steps ahead when you are driving, almost treating driving like it is a chess game. If you have the same commute everyday, try to anticipate traffic lights and stops, so you can brake more gently and coast more. If you see 3 red lights coming up in a row, try to coast to each of them, using the smallest amount of gas possible.


Tire pressure is an often overlooked factor in fuel economy. On the sidewall of your tires is the recommended maximum PSI number. You should check your tire pressure often and always inflate it to the maximum number. Always check your tire pressure when you stop to refuel your car. If your tires are deflated at all, this is play a huge part in not getting enough MPG.


Try to use your time and fuel effectively and efficiently. Plan your errands to be in the same shopping center. Sometimes taking an afternoon and doing all of your errands at once can not only save you time, but it can also save you gas. If you are only making one stop and then coming home, you are doubling your milage. Planning ahead can save you at least $100 a year.

Rush Hour

Everyone hates traffic, and it seems Orlando Gas Savings go dramatically down with I-4 congestion. If at all possible, try to work flexible hours to avoid rush hour. Try coming in to work earlier or leaving later. Join a gym within walking distance of your job, so you can use your time more effectively and save on gasoline. Or take an extended lunch and stay at the office longer. Sitting in traffic greatly decreases your MPG.

These may seem like small tips when it comes to Orlando Gas Savings, but these tiny steps will dramatically save you money over the run until you are ready to upgrade your car to a more fuel efficient model.

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