Car trouble can be very frustrating and expensive especially for people who rely on their vehicle to get around on a daily basis. However, being able to tell if a problem with your car is serious and in need of immediate service can save you extraordinary amount of time, hassle and money. So without further ado, if you want to know the warning signs that your vehicle is in dire need of a trip to the garage particularly Winter park car wash, look no further than these 7 signs. 

1. Leaks

Any leaks underneath your vehicle are an indication that your car needs to be serviced as soon as possible especially if the leaks keep occurring. You can tell your vehicle is leaking from spills when you move it from where it’s normally parked. Look out for a dark colored stain for engine oil, transmission oil or brake fluid leaks towards the front of the car or any unusual leaking from the car exhaust pipe.

2. Excessive smoke from the exhaust system

Only minimal smoke should be emitted from the exhaust. So if you see excessive smoke from the exhaust it could be a sign of a problem with the exhaust system or an oil leak. On the other hand, a black residue near the exhaust pipe is an indication that the car needs service. However, a little more white smoke during the transition to cold winter months should not worry you because it’s normal and usually subsides as the engine temperature increases.

tips and tricks on how to tell when your car needs service winter park car wash

3. Strange noises

If your vehicle is making strange noises whilst driving, trouble might not be far behind which means your car needs service. Common culprits include brakes squealing and grinding loudly when applied, droning or dragging sounds or the engine sounding louder than normal. Any squealing noises would certainly be an indication of worn brake pads while the droning sounds indicate an issue with a wheel (maybe an unbalanced tire). Whatever the reason, noise is not good especially if it wast there previously. 

4. Flashing engine light

If your engine warning light located on your car’s dashboard is flashing, it is an indicator of a major problem with one of your car’s systems. If the warning light is flashing, you may need to get your car serviced immediately, but if it is merely illuminated, then you should book your car in for a service to get the engine checked out sooner rather than later. Flashing engine light could be an indication of a serious problem such as a transmission failure. 

5. Smoke or steam from under the bonnet

No car should ever have any type of smoke or steam coming from under the bonnet. Even a few wisps of smoke could be an indication of an overheating issue which is likely to damage the engine if ignored. Blue smoke coming from your car bonnet caused by burning oil calls for immediate car service as it can be very expensive if not fixed early enough.

6. Abnormal vibrations

Any sudden appearance of a vibration that is not due to rough road conditions is usually a red flag. Abnormal vibrations could be due to worn or unbalanced tires, worn brake pads or discs, failing universal joint, a suspension problem, a tire going flat or an issue with the steering. Whichever the reason, make sure your car get booked in with a professional mechanic from Winter park car wash as soon as you can as it is not safe to drive in this condition.

7. Poor fuel mileage

When you feel like you are getting fewer miles out of a gallon of gas yet you usually feel the gas tank often and you are driving the same distance then your car might be experiencing poor fuel mileage. A reduction in fuel mileage means your car is not operating as efficiently as it is supposed to. This could be due to a sticking pad or improper tire pressure and is a sign that your car needs some servicing before a much worse problem occurs.

Bottom Line

Car services are a fundamental part of looking after your car and need not be stressful or exorbitantly expensive. So, if any of these signs fit your car’s recent behavior it just might be trying to tell you something- like it is finally time for a tune-up. So book in for a regular service today with Winter Park car wash to extend the life and performance of your car. 

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